Monday 24 June 2013

Breastfeeding top Tips

In support of UK Breastfeeding Week 2013...

Breastfeeding Top Tips

We interviewed three breastfeeding mums to find out what their top tips are.  We share their top 5 here with you here… 

  •       Be prepared for the amount of leakage for the first three months!  Never leave the house without a supply of breast pads.
  •        You will need at least two or three maternity bras, preferably cotton for comfort - it’s good to have spares while one is in the wash!
  •  Choose bras which have a bit of spare room to accommodate breast pads and changes in breast size between feeds. 
  •          Wired bras can cause the milk ducts to become blocked as your milk comes in. You need a bra with soft, giving fabric that also provides support. 
  •          Choose specially designed maternity bras with good support, including when one cup is open for feeding, the other should continue to provide comfortable support.   A good maternity bra allows you to feed easily and discreetly.
  •        The best time to buy your bras is during the 36th week of pregnancy 
  •          When you think you have less milk, let your baby feed more often to stimulate the milk flow
  •          Don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask for help,  ask at your clinic, your health visitor or find a support group
  •          Follow your heart. Don’t worry about what other people think or their opinions.  Do what is right for your baby


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