Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Introducing our new & elegant maternity support tights

We're really excited to announce the launch of our new maternity support tight, which gives the support of 70 denier tights, with the appearance of a sheer 40 denier.

We know that many expectant mums find it difficult to source good basics that offer quality, support and style but don’t cost a fortune.  Our new, black 552 maternity tights are perfect for wearing with work clothes, for dressing up for special occasions or a night out with friends.

Our chief designer, Freda Scholey, says of the new tights: “New technology means expectant mothers no longer need to wear old fashioned support tights.  The 552 combines both the classic style you’d expect from a sheer tight with the support you need during your pregnancy.”

The black, 40 denier, 552 range is available in sizes medium and large and is priced at £9.00.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Introducing our new sleep bra

We've just launched our new 342 sleep bra for expectant and nursing mums.

Many new mums and mums- to-be find their fuller breasts need additional support at night and can become uncomfortable, preventing much needed sleep!  The pretty, new 342 sleep bra is designed especially for night time wear with room for breast pads and no metal or plastic fasteners that can dig in.  The ultra-comfy 342 is made from extra soft, seamfree fabric which helps mums snuggle down and get that all important rest.

Our chief designer, Freda Scholey, says of the new bra, "The uncomfortable latter stages of pregnancy and young babies mean most mums feel sleep deprived.  When designing this bra, it was vital to ensure it felt like a second  skin adding support, but not the discomfort of rolling onto a metal hook in the middle of the night.”

The 342 sleep bra is available in black, nude or white in sizes UK 32-38 with just one cup size that fits B-E.  Priced at only £10.00.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Babymoons, the last ‘a dieu’ to life as you know it...

Babymoons. Love or hate the title, we’re basically talking about that one last holiday when it’s just the two of you.  That one last holiday when you might have a bit of money to spend on yourselves, because as any parent will tell you, once the children arrive, there never seems to be any spare cash to spoil yourself with.

Cornwall is a great place to spend a few days, there are some lovely hotels overlooking the sea that offer packages especially for ‘babymooners’.  The Award winning Scarlet Hotel is an eco luxury hotel in Mawgan Porth, which offers bespoke treatments for pregnant women, as well as sumptuous rooms and a restaurant offering delicious food including a vegetarian menu as well as seasonal dishes.

If you’re going for all out style, the luxury prenatal travel website, baby-moon.eu has a wide range of options, with most hotels offering ‘babymoon packages’ throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia.  The Reef Babymoon package in Sri Lanka, for example, has designed specific treatments for both the father and mother to be, in addition to a private yoga session for two.

If you don’t fancy the flight, closer to home, the Hotel Caruso in Ravello, Italy also offers a pre maman massage, a special present for the baby and a bottle of Italian Spumante, fruit and flowers on your arrival.

Those are some big budget holidays, but what about cheaper alternatives?  Bath is great for a long weekend, there are some lovely shops and restaurants and if you’re into spa treatments, or just want to float about, the Thermae Baths are a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Bruge and Paris are always popular and can be reached by train, particularly important if you suffer with DVT. A decent hotel in Paris is expensive, so why not consider an apartment for the weekend? The website www.all-paris-apartments.com has a great selection.

Setting aside budget, there are some things to consider when deciding where to go.  Check the jabs situation with your GP, there are anti malaria pills which aren’t suitable for pregnant women, for example.

Bear in mind that you can’t fly after 34-36 weeks (32 weeks with twins), and even then, some airlines require a note from your doctor if you’re over 28 weeks.  Always check with your airline.  Travel insurance is another must; check the policy wording to make sure it covers travel in pregnancy.

Most women suffer with some constipation during pregnancy, which can be made worse by flying.  Try to keep drinking water during the flight, eat plenty of greens and swop tea for peppermint tea if possible.  

Also remember that your blood gets more ‘sticky’ when you’re pregnant, so your chance of having (DVT) or a blood clot increases. Compression stockings can be a good idea but they’re probably not enough to fully prevent DVT.  To reduce the risk further, stay hydrated, keep moving your legs, and take regular walks around the plane. This is easier if you can book an aisle seat. 

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy, life will never be the same again, but who wants it to stay the same?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Emma-Jane Maternity on-trend with the launch of our new 362 maternity/nursing bra

With bright bold colours coming off the catwalks, the introduction of our Blue or Fuschia 362 nursing bra is bang on trend.

The 362 is an extension of our Next Generation Range, which are seamfree to give an extra comfortable fit, and designed to grow with mothers during pregnancy.  This pretty bra has a ruched centre, and a soft knitted underband for extra comfort.

For improved support, the shoulder straps have restricted stretch, and each cup has a clip that allows quick and easy access for breastfeeding.  Each cup also opens individually for feeding so the other continues to provide support.  The four back eyes allow for full adjustment as a woman’s body shape changes during pregnancy.

It is available in sizes UK 34-38 and has one cup size (fits B-F cups).  Priced at £14.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Emma-Jane Celebrates 500,000 Sales

We're all celebrating at Emma-Jane after sales of our 428 style nursing bra hit half a million.   One of the most popular products in our range, this pretty, comfortable and supportive bra is multi award winning, having picked up several accolades as well as being widely recommended across online review sites. 

The design gives breastfeeding women support and ensures they feel feminine whilst feeding.  From a practical perspective, the cups are made from 100% cotton, which is soft yet strong, and the undercups are made from two layers of fabric, giving it extra support for ladies requiring larger sizes. 

Additional support and control comes from the restricted stretch in the elastane sides and bra straps.  Clips on the cups give quick and easy access for breastfeeding and each cup opens individually, so one cup can continue to offer support whilst the other allows for feeding. 

Available in sizes UK 32-40 B-J (EU 70-90 B-J).