Monday, 20 February 2012

Awards Keep Coming...

We are delighted that the lovely ladies have been reviewing our products and have awarded our Tankini a bronze award.

As all pregnant ladies know, getting a quality swimming costume that makes you feel good, that suits you and will last is not always the easiest so we're delighted to have been recognised for helping women feel good in their Emma-Jane Tankinis!

The testers had this to say:

"Smart looking tankini, nice colour, feels good quality. Lovely style, the top is nice and long...Very comfortable to wear and doesn't ride up...I will defiantly continue to wear this; even now after I've had my baby I think it's still suitable..." Jenny Yaxley – Sophie & Ray 2 years and 4 Weeks 
 While Angelina Newman – Mum to be awarded The Emma Jane Tankini 4.5/5 and said; "Looked lovely and loved the colour. Emma Jane is a well-known brand so not surprised was high quality. I really liked the style of the top and the bottoms were a really good fit. It grew with me during my pregnancy and loved wearing it. Very comfortable to wear and enjoyed swimming in my Tankini. Made me feel very smart. Gave me good support on my bust and very comfortable. This also washed really well and has been in the washing machine a few times now. I have really enjoyed wearing this and I would imagine I will still use this after my pregnancy (well until I get my old figure back)"
And Alison Grieves – Mum To Be gave us a 4.2/5 and said; "Arrived well packaged. Looked very appealing and good quality. I really did like the style with a long top and matching bottoms as looked more like a swimming costume during the earlier stage of my pregnancy. The top was really comfortable to wear and did not ride up when in the pool...The whole look was lovely and made me feel attractive and comfortable when at the pool and also on holiday. This is very easy to wash and dries really quickly. I will definitely continue to use this as I do like the style. The quality is excellent and I have already recommended...."
Thank you ladies!  Very much appreciated!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


We hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day with your loved one. But more importantly, we hope that our Love Yourself blog posts have made all the mums and mums-to-be out there realise just how amazing they are.

We put every person who commented on our posts and all the people who liked us on Facebook into a random number generator. And the lucky number was 15 - Caroline Emptage! Caroline we've got in touch via Facebook and we'll get a bix of yummy chocolates sent to you.  Congratulations.

To everyone else, thanks for your support. If you haven't joined us on Facebook yet, please do. We'd love to hear from you. If you know of any mums in need of a pick me up, who perhaps is being hard on herself or feeling less than gorgeous, please send her this way as we're always here to give a little bit of comfort and support. And if it's your breasts or bump that need comfort and support, check out our range here. Keep on loving yourself ladies!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Today is all about loving the new you - even if you're not quite sure of who you are anymore. This is the culmination of our Valentine's Day Love Yourself campaign. If you haven't been following it, read back over the last weeks worth of posts for plenty of reasons why mums-to-be and new mums should love themselves.

So today we wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day. And while you are sending out cards, kisses, cuddles and love to the special people in your life, don't forget to Love Yourself too.
A whole new you
It is impossible to understand how your life changes once you've had a baby until you've had one. Many people say it won't change them. And perhaps it won't. But they'll be the exception rather than the rule. For most women, becoming a mother changes everything.

It's not just the changes in your body or how often you can go out. It's not just that your friends change, as do your holidays. It's not just your career, which often gets put on hold or stopped altogether.  It's not just how your relationship with your partner gets altered. What really changes most is you.

You realise that you see the world through different eyes. Those things discussed on the news about schooling and health care now mean something. You understand the importance of having a network of friends and family so much more. You feel fear like you've never known before and joy beyond anything you could have previously imagined. You sacrifice so much because you want to be the best mum you can, to the extent that you completely lose sight of who you originally were. That pre-mummy person becomes a distant memory.

The thing is, having a baby gives you the opportunity to become a whole new you. It's virtually impossible to stay the person you were. But it is important to hold onto some of the things that made you what you are. Don't lose all of your former self. Don't feel guilty about doing something for you. Do use this life changing time to redefine who you want to be. Don't be afraid to try something new. Be confident, even if you don't feel it.  Realise that you are changed and embrace the change. Love the person you have become.

It's your last chance to leave us a comment (we'd love to hear how motherhood has changed you) or Like Us on Facebook to be entered into our draw to win these fab choccies. We'll announce the winner later today.

Monday, 13 February 2012


We're almost there - tomorrow us the day you're swamped in flowers and jewels and chocolate from your beloved, with a lavish night out at an expensive restaurant. Or possibly not. Perhaps just a quiet night in front of the telly with a mug of cocoa and the gift of a him doing the night feed. In today's Emma-Jane Valentine's Day Love Yourself post, we're looking at relationships.

Before you had a baby, you were Alice and Bob (or insert your own names here). Two individuals in love. Then along comes a baby. And all of a sudden things change.

All those kisses and cuddles you used to give to him, now get doled out on the baby. You stop talking about whether to go to Fiji or Barbados for your next holiday, and instead discuss the contents of this morning's nappy. Sleep is infinitely more appealing than sex. You start to resent that it's always you who has to pack the change bag and that it's you who never gets to leave the house while he heads out the door to work in the morning. And can't believe that he can merrily snore through the baby crying - again.

Before you know it, you start to wonder if you even love each other anymore. You realise that you've become a resentful nag who looks like a frump and you wouldn't be surprised if he was off chasing secretaries at the office, because what the hell would he see in you right now? And quite frankly, you're not even sure you care. But you do and you feel rubbish about it.

You blame yourself (well you also blame him but deep down you blame yourself). You start to think if only I looked better. If only we could go back to what we used to be like. I wish we could communicate more. And you once again beat yourself up about where you're going wrong. Worst of all, you think it's just you two that are having these problems while all those other smug, married parents are blissfully happy.

They're not. Almost every couple goes through a massive period of readjustment after a baby is born. Each of them is a new person. They have new roles. And they're trying to figure out how to overlay these two new roles onto their existing selves. It takes a while. A long while. The key is to communicate. That can be much harder than it sounds. After months of sniping about whose turn it is to get up in the morning, you've probably forgotten how to just talk like you used.

So practice, whenever you can. Try to get out as a couple regularly - or simply spend an evening playing a board game and chatting over a glass of wine at home. You need to learn to love him in his new role. And you need to learn to love yourself in your new role. Give it time. Most importantly though, you need to realise that this is normal. Believe in yourself and you as a couple and it will be alright in the end.

Just in case you need something to nibble on while spending a romantic evening talking to your partner on Valentine's Day, leave us a comment below on how having a baby has affected your relationship or Like Us on Facebook, to be entered into our draw.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Our aim at Emma-Jane is to give mums and mums-to-be the comfort and support they need through their pregnancy and beyond - and not just through our comfortable and supportive product range. Which is why we're running our Love Yourself Valentine's campaign, to remind mums that they need to love themselves too.  And today's topic is a biggie.

Day 6 - Giving birth
Until you have given birth, then is no way of understanding what is involved. Regardless of whether you give birth naturally or have a c-section, the process of going from being pregnant to holding a baby in your arms is nothing short of miraculous.

Giving birth naturally will take every ounce of a woman's strength and determination to get through it. You may breathe the baby calmly out or you could yell and scream and curse your whole way through. You will never work harder than while you're in labour. You have to find reserves of courage and stamina and peace of mind you didn't know you had. For c-section mums, it's no picnic either, particularly the fear of the unknown, the worry that all is not well and the painful tummy afterwards.

It's not how you give birth, but that you've done it. And for that you need to pat yourself heartily on the back.

So for every woman who has given birth and to all those women who will give birth in the future, be proud of this achievement. Love the strength and bravery and calm you have lying within you. And if you ever feel less than in love with yourself, just go back to that day when you gave birth - no matter how it happened - and say 'Well done me'.

To be entered into our draw to win these Valentine's chocolatates, just tell us about how giving birth made you feel or Like Us on Facebook. We'll be announcing the winner on 14 February.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


With just 3 days till Valentine's Day, have you started to Love Yourself yet mums? At Emma-Jane we really want mums to just take five minutes out of giving everyone else kisses and cuddles and love and attention and focus on themselves. Which is why we're giving you one reason every day to love yourself.

Day 5 - Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is a subject that causes so much angst amongst mums. It's a battleground women seem determined to beat each other up about. Our view is this: Breastfeeding is what your body is designed to do and is best for your baby. And if you can do it, do it. But if for whatever reason you can't, then don't beat yourself up about it. It's just another reason mums sometimes feel like they've failed. And we're trying to get you to Love Yourself remember, not make you feel worse. So to formula feeding mums, be comfortable with your choice and let it go.

That said, we are a company that makes nursing bras - not baby bottles - so we're obviously more in the breastfeeding camp. To the mums who do choose to breastfeed, we applaud you. We know that it isn't always easy and that there'll be days when you want your breasts back to yourself. It can be sore. It can be frustrating. It can be exhausting. And you might feel like giving up. But you don't. You keep persevering. And you do it. And when you look at that plump, healthy, thriving baby, you know that its entirely down to you and the goodness your body produces.  Just another reason to remember why you're awesome.

Our range of nursing bras and tops are designed to give you the comfort and support you need, while feeding your baby - so do check it out.

Tell us about your breastfeeding stories or simply Like Us on Facebook to be entered into our draw to win these Valentines chocolates.


Hey mums - When last did you stop and say: 'Wow, I'm amazing!' We bet not often. We bet you're more likely to be finding fault with yourself or feeling guilty about something and saving all that love for your family. Our Love Yourself Valentine's Day campaign is here to remind you to love yourself too.

Day 4 - Stretchmarks
What the heck is there to love about stretchmarks, we hear you cry. Those silvery or red streaks that suddenly appear on your belly or breasts in the late stages of pregnancy. They don't look especially good then and once your belly has shrunk back to its normal size and your breasts aren't straining your bra cups, they add a fetching puckered look to skin.

They take some getting used to don't they?

But you know what? They're normal and they say something really important about you. That prune-like skin and those little tiger-like stripes are the badges mothers get to wear. A badge that says: I've done it. I've created a baby. I've given birth. I've survived the sleep deprivation. I've learnt a million new skills. I know what real love is.

Change the way you look at those lines. They might not be what a vain society equates to perfection, but they represent something so much more beautiful. Love them and love yourself.

How do you feel about your stretchmarks? Tell us below or on Facebook by Liking Us and you'll be entered into a draw to win some scrumptious Valentine's chocolates.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Only 5 days till Valentine's Day. Before you rush out to buy a card for your loved one, take five minutes to love yourself.

Day 3 - The glow
There is something special about a pregnant woman. Particularly that second trimester when your bump starts to show, your hair gets thicker and your skin gets that glow. That 'glow' isn't just the contentment radiating out of you (although that's probably part of it). It's caused by the increased volume of blood in your body which creates an attractive blush on your cheeks, plus the increased secretions of oil glands giving skin a waxy sheen. Perhaps all you can see is pigmentation or spots or increased facial hair. But ignore those. Look deeper and you'll see the glow - even if it's just in your eyes.

For new mums, you might feel as though your glow has gone only to be replaced with dark circles under your eyes and hair that's falling out in handfuls. You might wonder if you'll ever feel beautiful again.

What you need to do though, is get your partner or friend to be on standby with a camera. And next time you're feeding your baby and gazing into their eyes and holding their tiny fingers in your hands, get the friend to take a picture of you unawares. Then look at the picture and what you'll see is the most beautiful thing ever - even if you've got uncombed hair and are in your PJs. Because nothing makes a woman more beautiful than being in love. And as a new mum, that's exactly what you'll be.

Tell us about your glow below and don't forget to like us on Facebook to be entered into our Valentine's Draw to win these scrummy chocolates

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Yesterday we kicked off our 7 days till Valentine's Day Love Yourself campaign. We know that feeling good about yourself can be hard when your body is a completely different shape, your emotions are in a muddle and sleep is something you dream of. Which is why every day we're going to give you a reason to love your pregnant and new mum self.

Day 2: No need to hold in your tummy
Most women spend a good amount of their lives holding their tummy in. They wear uncomfortable body shaping pants and jeans that need to have the button undone when they sit down. But when you're pregnant you can breathe a sigh of relief. No matter how much you suck it in, that tummy is there. And it's beautiful. Perhaps for the first time in years, you can confidently wear a tight fighting top over your tummy and be proud of how it looks. So stop hiding under the baggy shirts, get yourself a fitted top instead, wear it with pride and most importantly, enjoy not having to hold your tummy in!

For new mums, that post baby belly can take some getting used to. It takes a while to get back to normal - despite what celebrities miraculously manage to do - and it might never return to its previous washboard state (assuming you were lucky enough to have one of those in the first place!) But cut yourself some slack. That belly has taken nine months to grow, don't expect it to shrink in weeks. Love it for what it has achieved and what it has carried. And if you're still not feeling comfortable about it, try one of these nursing tops which are cut long, keeping everything covered while you feed your baby and they're exceptionally comfortable.

So whether you're still carrying your baby or already have your little bundle, love your tummy. And enjoy the occasional treat - like these scrummy Valentine's chocolates which you could win if you just Like Us on Facebook or leave a comment below telling us how you feel about your tummy or any other part of your post baby body.

Have a LOVEly day!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Love Yourself Valentine's Day Competition

Valentine's Day is just a week away. And perhaps right now you feel too exhausted, too fat, too frumpy or just too busy to even contemplate a romantic Valentine’s Day.

We've decided to remove the pressure of trying to look sexy while wearing baby spit up or waddling to get your Gaviscon.  Instead, we're going to give all you mums-to-be and new mums 7 reasons why you should love yourself.  Some of them are physical. Others run deeper than that.

Come back every day between now and 14 Feb to get a daily reason why you should Love Yourself.  And because we know that you'd probably prefer the box of chocolates pictured below instead of a bunch of overpriced roses, we're offering it to one lovely mum or mum-to-be. Simply Like Us on Facebook and you'll be entered into the draw. For those of you who are already Facebook fans, leave us a comment on one or more of the Love Yourself blog posts and you'll be eligible too!

Day 1: Love your bosoms
We're a bra company so bosoms are a very good place to start. Many women are amazed at how big their breasts get during pregnancy. We know that for some of you, big can mean uncomfortable. But for many women, being pregnant or breastfeeding is the first time you actually have a cleavage. Those scoop necklines have never looked so good. Your husband or partner is secretly in awe and probably sneaks a peek whenever he can. Even if they feel enormous, celebrate them. Because they look gorgeous. And more importantly, they are creating breast milk, a substance that feeds and nourishes your baby. No need for a recipe book - your body just does it all on its own. Pretty clever things breasts.

If you want to show your bosoms some love, get them a supportive and comfortable nursing or maternity bra. You can also try anti-stretchmark oils or creams to keep the skin soft - just ensure they're suitable for breastfeeding.

Once you stop breastfeeding, you may find that your breasts seem to disappear. Having got used to your larger bust, you might feel a bit deflated. Don't. Firstly, remember what an awesome job they just did for you. Plus, they're probably less painful now. They belong to you again. You might even consider letting your husband or partner near them at last! And if all else fails, head to the shops and get yourself a new padded bra.

So go on mums, love your bosoms - no matter their size or shape. They're part of you!

Tell us below why you love your bosoms and don't forget to Like us on Facebook to be entered into our Valentine's draw.