Friday, 17 December 2010

See you in 2011!

The Emma-Jane offices will be closed from Friday 17 December and re-opening on Tuesday 4 January. We wish all of our customers, mums-to-be and new mums a restive break and a happy, healthy 2011.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nursing mums: what to wear on Christmas morning

Christmas morning .... you're pulled out of bed at a hideously early hour because the kids want to see if Father Christmas has come and your baby is demanding a feed. Before you know it, the entire extended family is huddling around the tree and you're still in your PJs, getting captured for eternity in photos displaying your 'just got up' look.

Well we have the perfect wardrobe solution for mums who have to get straight out of bed and into pressie opening mode, while feeding their baby and still trying to look respectable.

The Emma-Jane Nursing Lounger (style 836) can be worn as PJs or thrown on and worn as a comfortable lounger. Available in slimming black or Christmassy burgundy, it looks great, is super comfortable and means nursing mums can discretely feed their baby while the family rips open gifts.


And this lounger isn't just for Christmas. It will become a staple item that you wear day in and day out, particularly in those early days of motherhood when comfort is key and you have zero time to find an outfit that fits. Friends who pop in to visit won't have to see you in your PJs - they'll just think you look fab.

The Emma-Jane Nursing Lounger retails between £17 - £25. Here are some of our retailers who stock it, so buy it now as a Christmas present to yourself.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Maternity sleepwear - the perfect Christmas gift for pregnant mums

Being pregnant at Christmas time can be hard work. You have to avoid alcohol, stilton and smoked salmon. If you're in the early stages and suffering from morning sickness, the smell of all that rich Christmas food doesn't make for a jolly time, while cooking with a bump can be exhausting. And even if you're just a guest, sitting at a dinner table in your third trimester can be an uncomfortable experience as there's not much room left for Christmas food with a baby pushing against your stomach.

In fact, come the end of Christmas Day, most pregnant women are very, very ready to crawl into bed with a good book.

Which is why the Emma-Jane maternity PJs make a brilliant gift for a pregnant friend, wife or family member. Available in either a nightdress or PJ top and bottom set, the silky soft yet stretchy black viscose fabric features cream lace detailing for a pretty, feminine finish. The deep v-neck makes it easy to breastfeed once the baby arrives - perfect to wear during pregnancy and afterwards. See the PJ set on the catwalk below.

So if you're looking for a Christmas gift that is almost guaranteed to get used immediately, get these! Or get them for yourself - because if you can't join in the cheese and wine on Christmas night, snuggling into bed wearing something comfortable is the next best thing. You can find them at a number of our retailers - see a full list of them here.

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