Friday, 17 December 2010

See you in 2011!

The Emma-Jane offices will be closed from Friday 17 December and re-opening on Tuesday 4 January. We wish all of our customers, mums-to-be and new mums a restive break and a happy, healthy 2011.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nursing mums: what to wear on Christmas morning

Christmas morning .... you're pulled out of bed at a hideously early hour because the kids want to see if Father Christmas has come and your baby is demanding a feed. Before you know it, the entire extended family is huddling around the tree and you're still in your PJs, getting captured for eternity in photos displaying your 'just got up' look.

Well we have the perfect wardrobe solution for mums who have to get straight out of bed and into pressie opening mode, while feeding their baby and still trying to look respectable.

The Emma-Jane Nursing Lounger (style 836) can be worn as PJs or thrown on and worn as a comfortable lounger. Available in slimming black or Christmassy burgundy, it looks great, is super comfortable and means nursing mums can discretely feed their baby while the family rips open gifts.


And this lounger isn't just for Christmas. It will become a staple item that you wear day in and day out, particularly in those early days of motherhood when comfort is key and you have zero time to find an outfit that fits. Friends who pop in to visit won't have to see you in your PJs - they'll just think you look fab.

The Emma-Jane Nursing Lounger retails between £17 - £25. Here are some of our retailers who stock it, so buy it now as a Christmas present to yourself.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Maternity sleepwear - the perfect Christmas gift for pregnant mums

Being pregnant at Christmas time can be hard work. You have to avoid alcohol, stilton and smoked salmon. If you're in the early stages and suffering from morning sickness, the smell of all that rich Christmas food doesn't make for a jolly time, while cooking with a bump can be exhausting. And even if you're just a guest, sitting at a dinner table in your third trimester can be an uncomfortable experience as there's not much room left for Christmas food with a baby pushing against your stomach.

In fact, come the end of Christmas Day, most pregnant women are very, very ready to crawl into bed with a good book.

Which is why the Emma-Jane maternity PJs make a brilliant gift for a pregnant friend, wife or family member. Available in either a nightdress or PJ top and bottom set, the silky soft yet stretchy black viscose fabric features cream lace detailing for a pretty, feminine finish. The deep v-neck makes it easy to breastfeed once the baby arrives - perfect to wear during pregnancy and afterwards. See the PJ set on the catwalk below.

So if you're looking for a Christmas gift that is almost guaranteed to get used immediately, get these! Or get them for yourself - because if you can't join in the cheese and wine on Christmas night, snuggling into bed wearing something comfortable is the next best thing. You can find them at a number of our retailers - see a full list of them here.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Should companies provide private breastfeeding areas at work?

You've probably seen the numerous articles on a new white paper by the government which encourages businesses to adopt "breastfeeding-friendly employment policies". The paper suggests that firms should set up private areas where mums can breastfeed or express milk, with facilities to store it for later use. They also want employers to give mothers greater flexibility around taking their breaks so that they can return home to breastfeed their baby. This is a particular issue for women in manual jobs as apparently only 66% of these women breastfeed in comparison to 88% of professionals.

The government hopes that the new initiatives will make it easier for mums to continue to breastfeed, giving their children the best nutritional start in life. But small business owners say that it adds further pressure, costs and legislation on them, which could end up with fewer mums being employed.

There's also the question of how this would work in practice. How many women live close enough to work to pop home to feed? Could they have someone bring the baby to their office/workplace? Perhaps the expressing route is the best bet - so mums can continue to maintain their milk supply and have steady supply of stored breastmilk for their baby while they're in the office.
We'd love to get your thoughts on this. Do you think it would make more mums breastfeed for longer? Would a private space like this be an option in your company? Let us know what you think.
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

What people are saying about our new Seamfree nursing bras

Our new nursing bra styles are getting some rave reviews. This is what people are saying about styles 361 and 365, our new Next Generation seamfree bras that cost from just £10:

From Babyworld
The Emma Jane 361 nursing bra is a pleasure to wear day and night! It is seamfree and stretchy so very comfortable and discrete under clothing. I love the fact that it allows lower necklines thanks to it's ruched center. The 4 rows of hooks at the back allow adjustement for change in the body size and a bra extender is even available! Each cup individually open but when one is open the rest of the bra stays nicely in place. It is very easy to open,and to refasten,even with one hand,you don't even have to look at them!..great for discrete nursing in public. I can't talk much about support as I have small breast. Overall I found it to be a quality garment at a great price. Reviewed by Olivia


Love this bra. Being that the up size covers from B-F it's great to wear straight after birth as milk supply settles as your size can vary hugely during this time! It's not what I'd call super supportive for the larger lady but certainly better than I expected from such a soft cup bra. The ruched center works well and adds nice detail and the knitted underband is very comfortable. Each cup has a clip so can be dropped independantly while still maintainging support on the other side. It's a great bra in my opinion! Reviewed by Rachael

Meanwhile, one of our retailers sent us this customer feedback about the 365:
"I have just fitted new bra 365 for the first time today. Customer's verdict - supremely comfortable and didn't want to take it off."

While one of our Scandinavian customers said this:
"We need more 365s - this has sold very well."

So if you haven't tried our new seamfree bras yet, ask for them! You can find a full list of our retailers online here. To find out more about them, take a closer look here including a video of the new styles on the catwalk.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Thinking of extended breastfeeding?

This week's guest blog post is written by Katie Gunn, an Irish mum of three, whose blog is Kate Takes 5. She's got some great advice for mums who want to do extended breastfeeding but who might feel under pressure - for whatever reason - to give up.

Six and a half years ago I gave birth for the first time. Whilst still in the delivery room, amidst the pain, exhaustion and confusion I managed to successfully breastfeed my baby daughter Kaya for the first time. Since that moment I have never looked back.

Fortunately I was one of the really lucky ones who never experienced any problems with feeding - so I kept going with it, and going, and going...

Initially I had thought that I would have to stop feeding as soon as I returned to work. But with the helpful advice of a local nurse I realised that I could wean Kaya off her day feeds and keep going with the night time ones.

Most of my fellow work mums thought I was crazy and looked at me in bemused bewilderment each time they asked 'Still feeding then?'. But it was more than worth it for me. Being able to continue that special bond with my daughter, despite the fact that I wasn't able to be around during the day was, for me, irreplaceable.

When Kaya reached 20 months and I was 4 months pregnant with my second child I finally decided that it was time to take a break. Though it wasn't for long! My second son came along 5 months later and was breastfed until 14 months, when he decided he just wasn't that interested in it anymore (it took me awhile to get over that one!). My third boy is now 2 years old and is still feeding at night.

Understandably this arrangement wouldn't suit everybody - but as a mother it's great to know that there are options available to you - even if you are forced back to work, or are unexpectedly pregnant again, or are feeling pressure to give it up. My advice would be to explore your options fully before making any big decisions.

The bottom line is that whatever feels right for you is right for you - so trust those mothering instincts.
As an aside, and with absolute integrity, I would highly recommend Emma Jane's feeding bras to any mothers who are breastfeeding, or planning to breastfeed their babies. I only discovered them during my third pregnancy and was so impressed I bought one in every colour. They are extremely comfortable and are excellent value. If only I had known about them 6 years ago!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

You're a size what?! Our new nursing bra for bigger busts

We know. You didn't think it was possible for your breasts, which were bursting out of your maternity bra, to get any bigger. But now that you're breastfeeding they've taken on gargantuan proportions. As you edge closer and closer to the middle of the alphabet with your cup size, you might be despairing about ever finding a bra that fits.

Despair no more. Our new nursing bra for bigger busts is now available. Style 431 ranges from size 32DD to 32K. And like all our bras, our main focus is on comfort and support.

This pretty embroidered bra comes with a choice of three detachable straps - clear, cushioned and stretch – so you can find one that gives you the most comfortable support. It also has four back eyes to adapt for a changing shape and clips for easy breastfeeding.


It is available in white only, the RRP is £30 and it is now available from Emma-Jane retailers, a full list of which can be found on our website. Happy feeding!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Should breastfeeding mums give their babies Vitamin D?

When it comes to breastfeeding (or bottle feeding for that matter), there is never a shortage of alarmist, often conflicting, headlines to get mums worried. This one appeared in the US this weekend:

Many breast-fed babies lack vitamin D

According to the article, breastfed babies lack vitamin D and mums should be supplementing with vitamin D drops. Apparently "the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all children, including infants, get 400 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day, an amount that is not possible to get from breast milk alone".

The article has generated over 60 comments, many of whom are from angry moms who argue that breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding your baby and has been since the dawn of time, so why the need to supplement with artificial vitamins.

Clicking through on links within the article show that rickets (a disease brought on by a lack of vitamin D) is on the increase for the first time in many years across the US population. This is due to a number of reasons - dietary changes, more sedentary lifestyles and people being more sun aware, therefore slapping on sunblock which prevents the UV-B rays getting to the skin, which helps your body create vitamin D.

So we did a bit of research and discovered that more than half the UK population has insufficient levels of vitamin D. Possibly something to do with our lack of sunshine?

While most UK websites advise that children aged 6 months plus do need extra vitamin D supplements,  the question about whether breastfed babies need vitamin D supplements was less apparent. But after a bit of digging, we found these two useful articles.

This one explains all you need to know about vitamin D, including symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, who's likely to suffer from it, how much sunlight exposure you need and what foods give you vitamin D. It also states that all breastfed babies should have vitamin D supplements. Bottle-fed babies don't need supplements as the formula already has vitamin D added to it. However, the site does say this:
"Note: there are significant advantages to breast-feeding; you should not stop breast-feeding due to concern about vitamin D levels - your baby can simply have vitamin D supplements as drops by mouth."

This one from the British Dietetic Society suggests that it's only necessary to give your baby vitamin  D supplements from 1 month old if the mother's own vitamin D levels were low during pregnancy.

Two websites. Two bits of conflicting advice. Confused? We are.

Our advice:
  • If you have any concerns, chat to your GP about whether your breastfed baby needs vitamin D supplements.
  • Make sure you eat a balanced diet, take Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and while breastfeeding if you're likely to suffer from low levels of this vitamin.
  • Try to expose your baby to sunshine for short blocks of time as often as there is sunshine, taking care to never let them get burnt.
Let us have your thoughts on this subject. Do you give your breastfed baby vitamin D supplements? Has this subject ever been raised with you by your doctor, health visitor or midwife? We'd love to get your views.

And if you are breastfeeding, don't forget to take a look at our extensive range of nursing bras. They'll give you one less thing to worry about!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Real mums, real experience: Breastfeeding is a journey

At Emma-Jane, we want to share the real stories about what pregancy, birth and breastfeeding are like.  The good, the bad and the ugly so to speak. Because we think it's important to know that you're not alone. This week, Laura, a mum of two and blogger at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy is our guest writer. Read Laura's story about her breastfeeding journey - and if you're interested in sharing yours, please leave your details in the comment box and we'll be in touch.
“Are you planning to breastfeed?” asks my midwife. Well, yes I thought I would try. I was handed a leaflet or two about breastfeeding and that was it. As a first time mum I had no idea how hard breastfeeding was going to be. I was naive if I am to be completely honest. You always hear that it’s meant to be the most natural thing on the planet, a mother being able to nourish her baby with her own milk. I thought I would just latch my baby on and off we’d go on a magical bonding experience and a happily ever after Disney ending. When it actually came to it though, it was one of the toughest experiences of my life.
After a long labour filled with pain and drugs, when my son was placed in my arms the last thing I was thinking about was feeding him. I was exhausted, I felt ill and I felt overwhelmed. It was about 3 hours after he was born that I tried to feed him for the first time. It was agony. It was uncomfortable. I was assured my positioning was correct and that the pain I was feeling would subside after a few seconds. It didn’t.
As I continued to try and feed my son, midwife after midwife would tell me different ways of positioning him, whether I should give him both breasts and whether I should wake him up for a feed or wake him if he fell asleep during a feed. My boobs were aching and my nipples were raw. I was surviving on very little sleep and my head was a mess. Conflicting information and advice swirling around my head, I was in tears and honestly didn’t want to be a mum. It was too hard and I was only 2 days in. After 4 days I asked to leave the hospital and go home. After just a week, I gave up and my son was bottle-fed. He was happy and I was happier than I had been.
When I became pregnant with my daughter, I knew I wanted to try and breastfeed again. During the pregnancy I made sure I read as much as I could and watched videos online giving advice on correct positioning and latching on techniques.
When my daughter was born, she was placed on my chest and within a few minutes she was looking for a feed. She latched on straight away and that pain and discomfort came rushing back. I told myself this was normal. I’m not used to her and she is not used to me. I asked the midwife to check my positioning and latch were correct and when she agreed they were, I asked for no more help. I was going to do this my way. With my son, although I was always asking for help, something inside me told me I was doing it right. I just wasn’t confident enough to know and trust my gut instinct.
I took each day at a time with my daughter. The first few weeks were a daze. I was sleep deprived and drained. Thankfully I had a lot of support from my husband. He was there for the first 4 weeks of our daughter’s life and looked after my toddler which allowed me to give my full attention to my newborn. 
Some nights she would wake every 30 minutes looking for a comfort feed. These were the hardest nights and I longed for sleep. I felt like a zombie. She wouldn’t take a dummy or comforter and refused to have a bottle of expressed milk. The one thing keeping me going was my health visitor telling me my daughter was gaining weight every time she was weighed. It wasn’t just an ounce or 2. It was 8 or 9oz every fortnight. Seeing her growing and thriving from being fed by me just made me feel amazing.
I can’t remember when I started to notice that my daughter was sleeping longer at night and feeding less during the day. Each day seemed to flow into another and each week seemed to become a month in the blink of an eye. It just did get easier. I had more time with my son and I could make a meal or have a shower without having to rush. Trips to the shops were without military planning.
My daughter is now 17 months old and I still feed her in the morning and at night. I originally planned to feed her until she was 6 months old however when it came to that 6 month mark I decided to try another 6 months and so on. I’m not sure when I’ll stop feeding her. Definitely before she turns 2! I’m really happy that breastfeeding has worked out this time.
 If you are thinking about breastfeeding then get yourself as informed as you can. There are tons of resources online or over the phone you can use. If you have a drop in clinic with a breastfeeding support worker, then go to them. It’s sad to say but there isn’t enough support for new mums in every hospital whether they choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed. It would be lovely to have a person in the hospital that would be your go to person for any feeding advice so that anything you were told was consistent. Unfortunately not every hospital can have that luxury and not every midwife you come across will have breastfed their child.
Breastfeeding is something that, with any new baby skill, takes time to learn. Trust your instincts, take each day as it comes and do what makes you happy. A happy mum will make a happy baby.


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Win a new seamfree Emma-Jane nursing bra - your breastfeeding tips needed

When it comes to breastfeeding, there is a wealth of information out there. And while we are very, very good at making nursing bras, we will readily admit that we're not breastfeeding experts.  Which is why La Leche League is one of the organisations we support. We know there are plenty of qualified people to provide advice to mums on how to breastfeed so that it's a wonderful experience for them.

But often the best tips come from other mums. Mums who have been there, done that, got the the milk stains on the t-shirt. And that's where we'd like your help.

Post your top breastfeeding tips in the comments section below or sign up to become a Facebook fan and post your tip here and then we'll send the person with the best tip one of our new Emma-Jane seamfree nursing bras - pictured below - or if you're no longer breastfeeding, an uplifting Bliss Stick from MamaBabyBliss, for those days when you need a little lift.


We'll kick things off with our tip:
Sleep with breastpads in a sleep bra at night because on those rare nights when your baby does sleep for more than a couple of hours, your breasts are likely to leak!

So share yours and we'll announce a winner on 5 November.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The £10 nursing bra that feels a million dollars

Here they are....drumroll please...our brand spanking new Next Generation seamfree nursing bras! 

Designed with comfort in mind, these ultra-soft knitted seamfree bras have a brilliant fit and a soft under-band that provides comfortable support. Available in two styles (361 and 365), our Next Generation bras come with clips for quick and easy feeding, and four back eyes to fit a nursing mum’s ever-changing shape.

As our guest blogger Emily explained in our previous post, when nursing a baby, comfort is key. But we also know that many mums can’t afford or aren’t willing to spend vast sums on new bras every time their breast size changes. Our new range of Seamfree bras help mums to be comfortable all day while being genuinely affordable.

The Next Generation bras are available in a choice of white, black or skin colours and come in four sizes to fit sizes 32B – 38F. Style 361 has a recommended retail price of just £10, while style 365 which offers removable foam pads for comfort with excellent fit retails at £16. Both styles will be available from Emma-Jane retailers from November 2010.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Nursing bras – why comfort beats sexy every time

Emily Vest is mum to two young (and very gorgeous) boys and is 37 weeks pregnant with her third. She’s also a prolific blogger. Her blog Pants With Names is one of the top 100 UK parent blogs. As a wearer of Emma-Jane bras, we invited her to share her thoughts with us on what she looks for in a nursing bra and to give us real mum insight into the world of pregnancy and nursing.....
Being heavily pregnant is many things: scary, exciting, beautiful, but one thing it is not is comfortable. The same could be said for those early days of motherhood, when everything is sore, the nipples are cracked, stitches are places you’d rather not have them and sleep is a long lost memory.
Now approaching the end of my third pregnancy, I’d forgotten just how nervy and exciting these uncomfortable days are. I know well enough from experience that everything is a phase, and that I will get back to normal again soon enough, but for right now, I just want to be comfortable.  At 36 weeks I can start looking for a new nursing bra and experience has taught me many things when it comes to making this sort of purchase.
The most important is this: late pregnancy and early motherhood ain’t sexy. How can anyone feel sexy when you have a small person hammering on your bladder, midwives talking of pelvic bones splitting and getting out of the bath requires some form of crane? The idea of sexy becomes even more outlandish after you’ve checked your dignity in at the hospital reception and vast numbers of people have prodded places usually reserved for your most loved one, and I haven’t even started to discuss the joys of the stitches and piles.
So when it comes to buying bras, sexy is so far down the list of desirable features that to even contemplate the idea of a sexy nursing bra sends me into spasms of uncontrollable giggles, probably capable of sending me into labour. I mean, could there be anything less sexy than a racy red and black number sodden in breast milk mocking your ability to think about anything apart from sleep?
I’m not suggesting that the bras can’t be pretty, after all they’ll be on display rather more than your other bras, but sexy? I could do without that particular stick to beat myself up with.
So, as I approach my third baby’s due date what would I suggest looking for in a nursing bra? Comfort, comfort, comfort (which includes fitting well and proper support; you aren’t going to find yourself nice and relaxed if the bra doesn’t fit properly). Then if you are as broke as me, good value for money (but remember comfort comes first at all times). And finally, a little mental note that nursing doesn’t go on forever and by then I might even feel like a little naughtiness so the sexy stuff will be back before I know it.
Many thanks to Emily for contributing this guest post. And best of luck for the birth!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Come say hi at the Baby Show for Trade

It's trade show season! Next week (10 - 12 October) we'll be at the Baby Show for Trade, Kensington Olympia 10th - 12th October. If you're a member of the trade, please stop by our stand (G1) and say hello. We'll be showcasing our four new nursing bra styles that will be available from the end of this month, including our Next Generation Seamfree bras.

We're also very busy working on our new look website. So watch this space for details as to when it'll go live. 

Finally, if you're not a fan already, please join our Facebook fan page here and follow us on twitter

Monday, 4 October 2010

Late summer sun babymoon - what to wear with a bump

The weather here in the UK has certainly turned. Boots and coats are being dusted off, while flip flops are packed away. But if you're pregnant, now is a great time to grab some late summer sun in the Med. It's not quite as hot as the middle of summer, there are fewer crowds and prices are lower.  And if this is your first baby, a babymoon with your partner will give you the chance to spend quality time together before the sleepness nights kick in.

Going on a sunny holiday means you'll need a maternity swimsuit. The good news is that most mums feel more confident wearing a swimsuit while pregnant than they might normally - no need to try and suck in that belly or worry about not filling out the top!

If you're more interested in getting a tan than swimming for exercise, then we suggest a maternity tankini.

Style 953 from Emma-Jane has ruched sides so it can be adjusted to body changes during pregnancy. And it's easy to pull up over your bump if you want to get a tan. It comes with an elasticated bra shelf for comfort and support.

Swimming in pregnancy is a great low impact form of exercise. So if you plan on getting into the pool, you might want to try one of these one piece styles.

Style 952 has ruched sides so that it keeps on fitting throughout your pregnancy plus criss-cross straps, an elasticated bra shelf and is fully lined at the front. It comes in a stunning turquoise or black.

Style 951 has the same ruched sides, but can be worn as a halter neck or strapless. It comes in black or blue.

See it on the catwalk here

Happy holidays! Go to to see our swimsuits or find a retailer.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Are you comfortable?

We regularly browse parenting forums to see what mums are chatting about. And one subject keeps on coming up - how to find a comfortable maternity bra.

We know that when you're pregnant, almost everything feels uncomfortable, whether you're trying to bend over, eat more than three bites of food or go to sleep. With a baby pushing up into your ribs and ever-growing breasts adding to the weight, finding a bra that is comfortable could become something of holy grail search.

Everyone is different and no one bra is going to work for everyone. But we do know that our Emma-Jane maternity bras are designed with your comfort in mind. And they regularly get rave reviews for exactly that: Comfort!

For example read these reviews on our Smooth Maternity Bra (pictured above)

Besides the make of bra, the other critical component is getting yourself measured correctly. You can measure yourself but you might find going to a professional will help. Use our size chart to work out your size.

Remember these tips for maximum comfort:

When fitting a maternity bra, ensure you have room to grow by fastening the bra on the tightest hook and eye setting. As your rib cage expands, you can adjust it to give yourself extra room.

Make sure the straps are wide enough to support you without digging in. They shouldn’t be too stretchy.

Ensure the centre seam lies flat against your breast bone and isn’t riding up too high at the back

Make sure that the cups fit snugly and smoothly covering most of the breast with no overflow at the top

To see our full range of maternity bras, go to

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What do you need for breastfeeding?

You've decided to breastfeed and may be wondering what you need to be prepared. Many nursing mums will say you need to buy nothing - that's the joy of breastfeeding, it's far cheaper and simpler than bottle feeding. But there are things that will make it easier. We've suggested some must haves and some nice to haves:

Must haves:
  • 2 to 3 comfortable nursing bras that give you good support, with drop down cups. When breastfeeding, particularly in the early days, you won't be thinking about co-ordinated, sexy lingerie. You'll be thinking comfort, comfort, comfort. Trust us!
  • a sleep bra. When you're sleeping (those few rare hours!) your breasts can leak. A sleep bra makes it easy to hold breastpads in place, gives you support and is comfortable to lie down in with no hooks and eyes to dig in.
  • a nipple cream. Mums swear by well known brands like Lansinoh and Kamillosan or you could try all natural creams like  Aaah Soothing Balm from MamaBabyBliss.
  • Breastpads. Some people are lucky enough to get away without needing them but most feeding mums will need them. So stock up!
  • Muslins. These simple squares of fabric are brilliant for putting over your shoulder while you're winding your baby and help avoid having a posset covered back. They're also great for covering up if you're out and about and to mop up after milk sprays when your baby decides to pop off the breast and have a good look around. Years later you'll find they make greater dusters too.
Nice to haves:
  • A support pillow. You can buy specially shaped ones but a regular pillow works too
  • A breastfeeding chair. Again, nice to have a proper chair to sit in when feeding but as long as you have a comfortable chair and ideally something to raise your feet, you can get away without having to buy one
  • Feeding tops. These make feeding when you're out and about much easier. But if you are cash strapped, you can get away with just some regular vest tops that are loose enough for you to pull down and have an unbuttoned shirt over the top for more coverage. The vest helps keep your tummy covered, which just after giving birth, you won't really want to flash to the world.
  • A breast pump. If you're trying to get your baby onto a schedule, rather than feeding on demand, or if you want your partner to have a turn at feeding, you might want to use a breast pump. If you do this, you'll also need bottles and a steriliser.

Little extras
  • A large insulated mug for tea so that it stays warm while you're feeding.
  • A water bottle - again, you will get thirsty while feeding and it's great to have on hand nearby without having to try reach forward for a glass
  • Snacks - healthy snacks to give you the energy you need
  • Face cloths - heat them up with hot water (or make very cool with ice water) and apply them to your breasts when they're engorged. It helps relieve some of the pressure, particularly in the middle of the night.
Happy feeding! And if you have any suggestions of must haves or nice to haves, please share them in the comments section.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Add maternity tights to your Autumn wardrobe - and stay comfortable

You're pregnant. It's turned chilly. And you have a really important meeting at work today that requires you to dress to impress. You've invested in some fab maternity skirts, wrap-around tops and to-die-for boots, but this cool autumn breeze means your legs are going to get cold. The solution: tights.

The problem is that most regular tights either won't fit over your bump or if worn below your bump, simply roll down with embarrassing consequences. Maternity tights are the solution.

Emma-Jane has a range of matenity tights, all of which fit over the bump with expanding waistbands and shaped feet. The top selling style (553) comes in black or natural skin colour, 20 denier with a slight glossy sheen and has a special gusset that supports the bump, without being restrictive. And at just £4 a pair they're definitely worth investing in for comfort at the office.

We also have 40 denier, maternity support tights, footless tights and our supersoft maternity tights which are available in black, chocolate, mid-blue and purple to make a fashion statement!

This is what our customers have said about our tights:
"Very comfortable, perfect, loved them"
"Lovely. I really like the fit."

"I was very pleased to come across these maternity tights as other brands seem so expensive. The tights are very comfortable, and are a good fit. I can imagine that the one size fits all does not work for everyone, but at this kind of price, I was very happy with the product.

And read this review by Sarah Powell from Parentdish:
"The Emma Jane tights are very comfortable indeed, with a good-sized, shaped panel for the bump (I'm still wearing them at 36 weeks), and a lovely smooth feel. The black is properly black, even in colour, and did make my swollen calves feel slimmer and more shapely, which was a real result. They're a very good price too at £5.

I have two small niggles with these tights; one pair did go through at the toe quite quickly, and also some of the elastic snapped at the waistband, though I'm fairly certain that's because I washed them at too high a temperature by mistake. My overall verdict, though, is to definitely give them a go, I think you'll like them."
Or read these reviews on Mumstuff.

So just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you can't work those fabulous Autumn fashions. Get some tights and strutt your stuff!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Emma-Jane to reveal new range at Kind + Jungend

It's trade show season and at Emma-Jane, we're ready to showcase our four new nursing bra styles starting this week at Kind + Jungend in Cologne.

Like all of our products, the focus of our new items is comfort, support and affordability. Our new range includes:

• Style 361 – one of two new Next Generation seamfree knitted nursing bras, designed for maximum comfort and everyday relaxation at an affordable price point. Available in white, black and skin in  sizes 32 to 38 (fitting cups B – F).

• Style 365 – the second of two Next Generation seamfree knitted nursing bras, with removable foam pads for comfort with excellent fit. Available in white, black and skin in 4 sizes 32 to 38 (fitting cups B – F)

• Style 431 – for larger busts, a beautiful embroidered nursing bra with sizes running from a 32DD – 40K. It includes a choice of three detachable straps – clear, cushioned and stretch – to ensure maximum comfort and support. Available in white.

• Style 442 - a lightly padded t-shirt nursing bra with dainty scalloped edging and embroidered straps, giving a flattering line. Available in black and skin and in 4 sizes 32B - 38F

The new products add to our already extensive maternity wear collection, which includes bras, lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, tops, tights and accessories. Nursery retailers are invited to see the full range at the our stands at:

• Kind + Jungend, Cologne 16th – 19th September

• Baby Show for Trade, Kensington Olympia 10th - 12th October

• Harrogate Nursery Fair, Harrogate International Centre 19th - 20th October

For more information go to or contact to place orders.

Monday, 6 September 2010

More changes to our maternity wear

We have now added underwired nursing bras with Supa-Lite underwires for an even wider choice.

The award winning Emma-Jane collection is wear-tested by expectant and nursing mothers and is recommended by hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

We have a continuing program of product design and development. We welcome your suggestions to offer you products to enhance your pregnancy and nursing experience.

If you need expert help or advice with choosing an Emma-Jane product our Maternity Lingerie Consultant will be delighted to help

Maternity Wear by Emma-Jane Maternity

Emma-Jane has remained the UK’s favourite brand of maternity and nursing lingerie for over 25 years.

As the largest maternity lingerie brand in the UK we use our expert knowledge to create lingerie and accessories that are perfectly considered for the new generation of mothers.

Specialising exclusively in maternity wear we offer the very latest designs that are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also incorporate the latest technology to provide the most practical solutions for pregnancy and motherhood.

Our increasing maternity collection now includes:maternity soft bras, nursing bras, sleep bras, lingerie, tights, support belts, breast pads, bra extenders, nightwear, swimwear and tops.