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Here at Emma-Jane Maternity we are really excited to rename our entire range of maternity, nursing and sleep bras after royal mums, to celebrate the birth of Kate and William’s son.

As you can imagine we’ve had lots of fun matching our bras to the royal mums!  Picking Kate was an easy one – it had to be one of our next generation bras.  Elizabeth, like her mum before her, is possibly the most loved monarch of all, so it had to be our customer’s favourite bra.  Diana, was much harder.  In the end we decided a sleep bra was the most respectful choice. 

As mum to a future monarch, Kate will face worldwide scrutiny as every snuggle, kiss and public gesture is splashed across the worldwide media.  We understand just how important it is for all mums, and especially royal mums, to feel comfortable and at ease.  All of our lingerie is designed to deliver maximum comfort at a time when mums’ bodies are undergoing lots of changes.  Dressing for comfort on the inside enables all new mums to focus on their precious little ones.

We have been making maternity bras for over 25 years.  New mum Kate heralds the next generation of Royal mums and we could think of no greater mark of respect than to rename our entire bra range after some of the most inspirational and much loved royal mums in history.

Next generation range
The next generation range of Emma-Jane Maternity and Nursing bras will see you through the latter stages of pregnancy and through breastfeeding.  They are designed to grow with your body as your breast size increases.  Ultra-comfortable, easy to wear and affordable, they are the perfect choice for mums and mums to be.

Bra 361 renamed Elizabeth
Emma-Jane’s most loved bra is named after our treasured monarch, Elizabeth II.  Mum to four, grandmother to eight and now a great grandmother, she is not only an inspirational role model for her own family but a nation.  Available in black, skin or white.

Bra 362 renamed Kate
Kate is the embodiment of the ‘next generation’ and it’s only fitting Emma-Jane renames its next generation nursing 362 bra after the mum of the future king/queen.  Add a splash of colour, available in fuchsia and blue.

Bra 365 renamed Zara
The queen’s grand-daughter is a thoroughly modern royal and Emma-Jane is delighted to rename the padded next generation bra after the mum-to-be.   Available in black, skin or white.

Classic Maternity Bra 
Maternity bras prevent milk ducts from becoming blocked and should be worn in the last trimester.  Opt for a maternity bra that has the room to expand as you do, during your pregnancy.

Bra 311 renamed Margaret
The Queen’s sister and mum of two, the classic maternity bra, renamed Margaret provides the perfect support and comfort as your breasts begin to change.

Nursing Bras 
If you are planning to breastfeed, the best time to buy your nursing bras is during your last month of pregnancy. You’ll need a minimum of three bras.  As our grandmothers say: One on, one in the wash, and one in the drawer. With your breasts weighing an extra 750 grams and more than 5cm bigger it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed through every stage of your pregnancy. 


Bra 411 renamed Sophie
This is similar in style to the Margaret bra.  It’s silky soft with moulded cups for a smooth look, it’s a classic style that complements Countess of Wessex, Sophie, mum of two.

Bra 412 renamed Sarah
Named after mum of two daughters, the Sarah bra comes with Supalite, titanium underwires that won’t cause milk-ducts to block.

Bra 428 renamed Mary
The Queen’s grandmother and mother to six, this renamed, award-winning bra is pretty, comfortable and supportive.  It’s been a long-standing favourite that mums keep coming back to.

Bra 429 renamed Alexandra
The Alexandra bra is named after mum of six including George V.  This is a beautiful feminine fit for mums wanting an extra special nursing bra.

Bra 442 renamed Charlotte
Charlotte had ten sons and six daughters!  Among them were George iV and William IV.  She is the first royal mum to have lived at Buckingham Palace which she and the family moved into in 1762. This bra is a great everyday nursing bra – whether you have 1 or 16 children!

Bra 451 renamed Anne
The queen’s only daughter and mum of two, we have renamed the bra that has a dainty spot print, with cups lined in organicpure cotton making for a supersoft feel against sensitive breasts. 

Bra 342 renamed Diana
A seamless bra to help provide a truly comfortable night’s sleep, Emma-Jane named this bra after the mother of William and Harry.

Bra 371 renamed Victoria
Queen Victoria, mum to Edward VII,  had four sons and five daughter and 42 grandchildren.  A true matriarch and revered monarch, the Victoria bra is a modern, practical sports bra style with a wide elastic underbandthat doubles perfectly as a sleep and nursing bra. 

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